Our Story

Sirville Brewery is designed to give you the experience of a craft affordable beer freshly brewed. Being a small brewery, we are able to guarantee quality and consistency.

A Brief History...

The first Sirville Brewery at Galleria Shopping Mall, Karen was established in 2014. It was the brainchild of one of the directors (Charles K Njogu), having over 35 years of vast experience ranging from brewing and installation of breweries all over East Africa. He was inspired to start Sirville Brewery after visiting various macro/mini breweries in Europe, Canada and USA.


With a rich experience, having been trained as a brewmaster in Berlin, Germany and a graduate of Chemical Engineering from the prestigious University of Manchester, he partnered with likeminded investors.


In 2018, the brewery relocated to Athi River, Graylands Industrial Park. The capacity was expanded and adopted a new brewing model to cater for the mass market with an affordable and yet high-quality beer.


Sirville Beers are now available in 10 counties in Kenya.



Sirville Brewery & Lounge started operations at Galleria Shopping Mall, Karen as a microbrewery complete with an upmarket restaurant in 2014.

Sirville Brewery


Relocated to Athi River, Graylands Industrial Park and increased its capacity to cater for the mass market.

Our Beers

Our two beers, Tsavo Lager regular and Tsavo Lager Dark, are brewed in a state-of-the-art brewery which is highly automated to ensure consistency and quality.


The raw materials are sourced from reputable farmers in Kenya to ensure quality grains. However, yeast and Hops are imported from Britain as they are not available locally.


Water is purified through a reverse osmosis water treatment plant where it undergoes: sand filtration, carbon filtration to remove any odour, 5-micron filtration, membrane filtration to remove any unwanted excess salts and finally UV sterilization.


The beers are packaged in 30 and 50 litre stainless kegs and delivered to our distributors who in turn sell the beer to selected bars in their region.

Tsavo Lager – 5.8% ABV

This is a pale lager with light bitterness, full flavoured with a distinctive rich estery aroma and a crisp taste. Other attributes include a rich foam, good kick and no after taste for the discerning beer drinker.

Other approved variants such as Tsavo Lager Dark as well as our original brands namely: Mara, Amboseli and Aberdare are in the pipeline. Our beers are named after Kenya National Parks as Sirville Brewery is a strong supporter of our Environment and the National Heritage in Kenya.