St. Patricks Day

Green beer has become a staple of the increasingly popular St. Patrick’s Day celebrations the world over. Just about any bar you walk into on March 17th will be serving the festive favorite. But where did the tradition come from, who invented it?


More than likely the tradition of green beer started with the Irish tradition of dropping a clover in one’s drink then drinking it all down for good luck.


Rumor has it the first recorded incident of beer being turned green occurred in 1914.

It was a typical St. Patrick’s Day at a bar , everything was either green or decorated with green, the booze flowed and Irish songs were being pelted out with drunken enthusiasm–in short it looked to be another typical and successful event. Until a brewer presented the group with his contribution to the night….bright and vibrant green beer.

The brave and daring men who knew that the brewer was a  master of his craft took the first pints. One of them, for the rest of the night, was undefeated at every game of darts he played. Another man, championed anyone who would face his at arm wrestler as long as he held the green beer with his other hand.


We cannot say for certain where this tradition started, what we do know is that as craft beer masters we pour our heart and soul into every drop of beer and we are celebrating this holiday with an addition to our other beers, for this weekend only 17th March 2017 – 19th March 2017 the St.Patrick’s Special .

May it bless you with the luck of the Irish.


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